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Innovation strategist, executive coach, speaker, author and serial entrepreneur.


Julian Bolster is a globally recognized business consultant, leadership visionary and global advisor to growth companies. He has counselled hundreds of executives, celebrities, politicians, and CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations on how to transform every level of their business and personal lives.

Julian is driven to enable leaders to achieve bolder and braver results, achieving impact on people and profits. 

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Canadian billionaire & philanthropist

President, OCTAFORM

“Julian exemplifies the best in big picture visioning. Stretch goals realistically grounded on a solid foundation of logic and achievable deliverables.”



Coaching is for those driven to realize peak results — for themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Julian delivers tailored programs to executives who lead startups, small and mid-sized companies. He specializes in supporting visionaries, founders, and emerging leaders who have bold, future-focused missions.

Julian works with 12, carefully selected coaching clients a year. These are leaders who have already achieved success and are seeking the next level of performance and impact.

Through powerful coach-consulting strategies, leaders achieve breakthrough ROI by:

  • Connecting with their compelling vision

  • Reaching peak performance 

  • Seeding new innovative directions

  • Realizing 2-3 key decisions that change the game

  • Creating a decisive strategy to channel team success

  • Building leverageable influence and domain authority

  • Navigating change


Every leader benefits from the perspectives of a peer advisor and executive mentor. It’s a proven way to drive results and professional growth. Julian customizes each program for you — to achieve the best insights, immediate traction and timely results.

Julian offers coaching customized to YOU:

  • Chief Executive

    You access the insights of an accomplished CEO, entrepreneur and strategist who can identify what’s critical to your long-term vision and short-term growth.


    As an internationally recognized Master Coach, Julian collaborates with leading-edge experts, influencers and leaders to solve your most complex challenges.

  • Executive Team

    Leadership performance makes the critical difference to the success of your whole team. Julian uncovers the variables to create leadership synergy and helps you implement a winning culture.


    You will improve alignment between the senior executive and management teams to realize your strategic goals and make powerful progress towards achieving the mission.

  • Business Owner

    When you’re in the middle of the everyday demands of running your business, it’s easy to overlook the details that will drive long-term success. 


    Julian will help you identify your blind spots, avoid pitfalls, make strategic decisions that will grow your organization faster, with greater scalability and satisfaction.

  • Emerging Leader

    You are the next generation of senior leadership or influencer in the business market, fueled by vision and a drive to succeed.  

    Julian and his team will work with you to create the clarity, strategy, connections and breakthroughs required to get you past the barriers that stop others.  Aspiring leaders, like you, get the right mentorship, at the right time, to realize your potential.




Our coaching relationship is a sacred & powerful ritual to ensure peak performance of your leadership throughout the year.


Bring me your most challenging business questions and together we will uncover answers that truly serve you and your mission.  


In times of uncertainty I am a trusted source of pinpointed questions that bring powerful clarity, timely stability and necessary shifts to your organization and leadership.

  • Weekly coaching calls

  • Quarterly visioning

  • Annual review

  • Phone or video conference

  • Unlimited text/email




Built on deep trust and tight collaboration, the Chief Executive Coach program is the source of a highly effective business partnership. 


Julian becomes an extension of your leadership team in a way that builds deep trust in core of the culture, the team and your mission. The focus of this work serves innovation, growth and cohesion. 


We address your most important challenges and uncover the opportunities that will make the biggest difference to your bottom line.

  • Initial 'Deep Dive Immersion' (included)

  • Weekly coaching calls

  • Monthly team virtual meetings

  • Quarterly 'Deep Dives' (in person)

  • Create a team development plan

  • Semi-annual team immersion event

  • Unlimited text/email

  • Two 9-1-1's per year (2-day, in-person, anywhere in the world




The most powerful transformations happen in person in total immersion. 


Get deep clarity, innovative strategy and effective resolution on your current business or personal situation. Gain insights to produce the concrete steps that unlock and accelerate yourself, your organization and your leadership.


Delivered live in-person, on-site or off-site locations.

  • 1/2 day (4 hrs) discovery session to produce the immersion focus

  • 1-day (8 hrs) "Deep Dive" session(s)

  • In-person, anywhere in the world

  • Monthly check-in calls for 3 months

  • Unlimited text/email

/day, minimum 1.5 days


Let's design impact together.

"I have a huge opportunity to create influence and I'm in need of a plan."

Julian has helped clients overcome specific challenges including: 


With over 20 years as a serial entrepreneur, Julian has developed proven techniques for achieving business success through powerful vision and leadership. Over the past decade, Julian has worked with thousands of people in 26 countries. Celebrated as in the top 1% of coaches globally, Julian has co-authored alongside leading leadership experts including Deepak Chopra and Dr. Ken Blanchard. 


Julian’s incredible story of personal survival and triumph has inspired people across the globe to realize his motto, that ‘Anything is Possible.’

Julian designs his speaking topics based on the needs of the audience and client--what messages, challenges and outcomes are most relevant here and now.



New Age of Leadership

Create a workplace to awaken leadership with conditions for passion and purpose to flourish.

Relationship Science

Demonstrate a model of leadership to inspire greater transparency, honesty, and commitment.

4 Keys to Business Growth

Integrate innovative strategy, fluid communication, impeccable character and measurable milestones.


VP HCM Market Development, UNUM

Julian’s masterful approach, executive business experience and positive energy were exactly what I needed in a coach / collaborator.



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