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Insightful & Charismatic Speaker

Julian Bolster is a globally recognized Master Coach on leadership and business success and works with hundreds of companies and individuals across North America to develop leadership at every level of their career and personal lives. With unique insight and charisma, Julian has delivered his message to thousands from C level executives to the marginalized members of society, and empowered them all with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in any goal.

In addition to being a successful serial entrepreneur with five businesses to date, Julian has been featured as guest expert on BBC World News, Slice TV, and works with leaders, politicians and celebrities around the world. In 2005, he had the opportunity to co-author alongside Deepak Chopra and Dr. Ken Blanchard (The One-Minute Manager) and is currently working on his second book on the subject of masculinity and leadership.

Julian’s message is highly motivating and will inspire listeners to take action that will achieve measurable and meaningful success in both their personal and professional lives. He believes that leadership is the cornerstone of empowerment and plays a vital role in how we define and shape our communities.


• A highly effective motivator who delivers concepts with exacting clarity in order for his audiences to gain deep and lasting value.
• Generous with sharing knowledge, strategies and skills required for audience members to realize results in real time.
• Delivers essential core insights and strategies in a concise and effective way that people can apply to achieve personal and professional success.
• With a natural ease, humour and deep human connection Julian puts his audience at ease while inciting action in all those around him.

Sample Speaking Topics


• How your beliefs limit success in the workplace
• Growing a business from a bootstrap
• Creating a vibrant corporate culture
• Invoking leadership in your employees

Life Coaching/General:

• Discovering and Overcoming the biggest obstacles to your success
• Types of Values – how they shape our success or our demise
• What works for winning and why
• Modern man and the role of masculinity in leadership